2007 Warbirds: AMARG - the boneyard

Davis Monthan AFB, Tuscon, AZ - N32 09 34 W110 50 47

Picture from the AMARC Experience web site

AMARG: the famous Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration GroupThe AMARG is the location of thousands of aircraft retired at the end of their service life or simply mothballed while they are not required in active duty by the US Armed Services. 

AMARG's mission is to store and maintain aircraft, and other aerospace vehicles, withdraw aircraft from storage, reclaim parts, and to prepare aircraft for disposal after they are no longer needed and when all required parts have been removed.  The centre also stores a variety of aerospace-related items such as production tooling, pylons, engines, etc.

During wartime or contingencies, AMARG is often tasked to withdraw airframes and components. Some aircraft depart by overland (rail or truck) or air shipment, while others fly out of AMARG.

Definitely a worthy visit to make !  I had the guided tour offered at the Pima Air & Space Museum in a bus (the only one permitted) so some of the pictures are be a little fuzzy, my apologies... 

AMARG's Web Site         AMARC Experience Web Site

An introduction to the Military Aircraft Lettering System


Alenia S.P.A.:
G-222 Spartan

  AH-1E Cobra
    Storage area (various models)
    Storage area (various models)
    Storage area (various models)
  UH-1H Iroquois (with OH-58s/TH-57s in the background)

  C-12 Huron (
Model 200 Super King Air)
  T-34C Turbo-Mentor

  B-52G being chopped down (SALT II)
    Storage area
    Nose view (right)
    Nose view (left)
  Civilian 707s used for parts for the
  mercury and E-8 JSTARS
    More civilian 707 hulls

  CH-46 Sea Knights (storage area)
    Tail view (storage area)
  EC-135C Looking Glass
     Front view
  KC-135 Stratotanker
    Storage area (tails)
    Front view
    Side view
    Partially reclaimed a/c
    Stripped hull
  T-43 Gator
    Front view
  VC-137D Stratoliner
    Front view

    Front view

  O-2 Skymaster
  T-37B Tweet
    Storage area
    Storage Area

  C-131 Samaritan

C-118 Transport
C-118 parts
  NA-3B Skywarrior

  A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog)
    Storage area
    Wing center sections being replaced
  T-46 Eaglet

  F-16 Fighting Falcon
    Storage area
  Atlas missile airframes on transport trailers (Convair)

  E2-C Hawkeye
    Side view
    Storage area

Storage area
  EF-111A Raven
    Storage area
  F-111 Aadvark

  F-14 Tomcat
Storage area
Storage area
Storage area
Storage area
Storage area
HU-16A Albatross
  TC-4C Academe
  S-2 Tracker
  US-2A Tracker
     Cannibalized airframes

  SH-2 Seasprite

  C-5 Galaxy
    Storage area
  C-130 Hercules
    Storage area
    Front view
    Another front view

  C-130E Hercules
  C-141B Starlifter
    Storage area
    Storage area (tails)
  DC-130A Launch & Director a/c
    Front view
  ES-3A Shadow (Viking)
    Storage area
  LC-130 (with Skis)
      Front view
  P-3C Orion

  DC-9 Skytrain
  EC-24A Nav/EW
    Side view
  F/A-18 Hornet (storage area)
  F4-E Phantom II
    Front view
    Rear view
    Storage area
    Storage area (w/o landing gear)

  TA-4M Skyhawk
    Storage area
    More A-4s (various models)
    More A-4s (various models)
    More A-4s (various models)

T-38 Talon

C-21A Learjet

Rockwell International:
B1-B Lancer
    Rear view
    Rear view
    Storage area

  CH-53 Sea King (storage area)

  A-7E Corsair II
Storage area

A/C Maintenance Shelter
A/C Arrival Ramp (C-130, F-15)
  A/C Arrival Ramp (KC-135)
  A/C Arrival Ramp (C-130, KC-135)
  A/C Fluids Removal Shed (F-4)
  A/C Explosive Charges Removal Shed (F-16)

  Jet engines storage

  Parts storage area
  Storage area (mixed a/c)