APBQ – photo contest

For some years Michel was in charge of the photo contest from APBQ. This year, as a tribute to him, the best photo award was renamed to Michel Charette award. The winning photo was announced at the Aviators’ Bal, December 2011, held at Chateau Royal, Laval. Congratulations to the winner M. Alain Lagacé.

The trophy, Joana Dias and Eric Fauteaux before the announcement of the results and Olivier Lacombe announcing the results.

Gille Lapierre, Joana Dias Eric Fauteaux, Jean François Charette and Olivier Lacombe with the winning photo from M. Lagacé.

A huge thanks to Jean-Pierre Bonin for his photos.

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Note:  This picture of me in flight is from my good friend Daniel Gravel.


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