Being one who rarely rests un-involved when I have a passion, I am of course member of the associations below:

  Quebec's Aviators and Bush Pilots Association:

The largest french speaking pilots association in the world !  APBQ is actively involved with the promotion of sport aviation in the Quebec Province.

  International Cessna 120/140 Association:

The Association is THE greatest source of information on Cessna 120-140s.  Nothing comes even close to it !  A bunch of great people too.  Keep those old planes flying !

Logo of The International Cessna 170 Assn   International Cessna 170 Association:

The equivalent of above, but for the 170 Series.

  Canadian Owners and Pilots Association:

The Canadian equivalent to AOPA, they are a great resource for information and tireless defenders of our privilege to fly.  Their COPA Guides are very well made and very handy.

  Experimental Aircraft Association:

Having flown to Oshkosh in 2004, then again in 2006 and 2010, being a member was a must to camp under the wing.  Then I discovered all the advantages they offer for someone like me who is flying, and restoring a classic airplane such as the Cessna 140.

  Vintage Aircraft Association:

Owning and restoring a plane manufactured in 1948 makes being member of the VAA a natural thing.  Lots of information is available there for any restoration project.