2005 Airshows: Bagotville, Qc - Warbirds

CYGB - N48 19 50 W70 59 47

This airshow alternates with the one in Quebec City and was filled with nice airplanes, both civil and military.  Being held on an air base, it also features warbirds, of course !   Here are my pictures:

  A75N1 Stearman N2S-3, 1943 (C-FDGS)
     3/4 rear view
  F/A 18 Hornet
     Front view
  CF-18A Hornet (taxiing)
     Slow flight
     Parking area
     60th Squadron flagship
     High-speed pass
     Future Top Gun !
  KC-135 Stratotanker
     Main Gear
     Fueling Basket

  CC-144 Challenger
  CT-142 Dash-8 Navigation Trainer

Canadair:  CT-144 Tutor (Snowbirds)
  Big Diamond Loop
  Maple leaf maneuver
  2 ship cross-over maneuver
  Goose Formation
  Double Diamond Formation Loop
  Double Diamond Formation Loop
  Viggen Formation
  Line Abreast Loop
  Big Diamond Pass

Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Harvard Mk.IV, 1951 (C-FWGA)
  3/4 rear view

  C-305C, 1953 Birdog (C-FTGV)

  F-16C Fighting Falcon
     Parked pair
  Nose view

Falcon Jet:
HU-25 Guardian
Nose view

Lockheed Aircraft:
  CP-140 Aurora (on take-off)
High-speed pass

  CJ6-A, 1965 (C-FXMI)

  CT-156 Harvard II

  CH-124 Sea King
  HH-60J Jayhawk
  HH-60J Jayhawk