2003 Airports: Beloeil, Qc

CSB3:   N45 35 24 W73 14 19

This airport is a bit special by the number of its hangars, many of which have built-in house or den.  A few aviation related businesses are located there, amongst them Aviamax maintenance shops, well known in the region.  Short & narrow runway with almost always steep cross-winds !

  11B-C Super-Chief, 1946 (C-FNFC)
  11C-C Super Chief on floats, 1948 (C-FFNH) 

American Champion:
  7ECA Champion, 1964 (C-FRNX)

  8GCBC Scout, 1974 (C-GBAD)

  C-120, 1947 (C-FMSE)
  C-140, 1946 (C-FJJL) - I almost bought this one !
     Viewed from the front
  C-150E, 1965 (C-FSGJ)
  C-172M Skyhawk, 1974 on floats (C-FFHJ)
  C-172N Skyhawk II, 1978 (C-GYBR)
  C-172N Hawk 100, 1979 (C-GBGZ)
  C-182B, 1958 (C-FKWV)
  C-182M Skylane II, 1969 (C-GBDD)
  A-185F II Skywagon, 1979 on floats (C-GZBM)
  Cessna family on the ramp

  G164A Agcat, 1971 (C-GLFZ)

  M20-C Ranger, 1963 (C-GQON)
  M20-C Ranger, 1965 (C-GJRM)

  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1973 (C-GQIR)
  PA-28-180 Arrow, 1967 (C-FVPI)

  Kitfox IV/A, 19
97 (C-GMFA)

  CH-250, 1981 (C-GFEZ)

And to finish, an unexpected and rare discovery: a GM Futureliner!  This unique vehicle has since been sold at Barrett-Jackson for a whooping $4,000,000 US !  Thanks for the info Denis !