2006 Fly-Ins: APBQ's Can-Am

St-Michel-des-Saints (CSM5) N46 40 51 W73 59 37

This was the first Canada / USA fly-in organized jointly by the Quebec's Aviators & Bush Pilots Association and the Seaplane Pilots Association !  It was held at the beautiful Taureau Lake Inn, north of Montreal.  Aircraft both on wheels and on floats were numerous even if weather did not cooperate (hot, humid and hazy)...

Land planes were tied down at the local dirt strip and the floatplanes were all at the beach !

Bellanca Aircraft:
  7GCBC Citabria, 1973 (C-FHHW)

  Bush Caddy, 1997 (C-IFEH)

  C-150K, 1970 (C-GAEC)
  C-150H, 1967 (C-FTPW)
  C-170B, 1954 (C-FBTD)
     Side view
  C-172E, 1963 (C-FPRR)
  C-172M, 1974 (C-GIEC)
  C-172M, 1975 (C-GCWP)
  R-172K, 1978 (C-GUYT)
  C-180E, 1962 (C-FNZY)
  C-180H, 1965 (C-FRYI)
  C-180J, 1976 (N180JS)
  C-182K, 1967 (C-FVSO) COPA Rep.
  C-182L, 1968 (C-FWTR)
  A-185E, 1965 (C-FUGX)
  A-185F, 1976 (N363JV)
  A-185F, 1976 (N363JV)
  C-185F, 1979 (N60X) SPA Rep.
  A-185F, 1982 (N97FA)

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft:
  Stinson-108 Voyager, 1946 (C-FHPR)

  DHC-3, 1954 Otter (C-GFUT)
  DHC-3, 1954 Otter (C-GFUT)
  DHC-3, 1954 Otter (C-GFUT)

  CH 601 ZODIAC, 1994 (C-FTJL)

Piper Aircraft:
  PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, 1958 (C-GPUH)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1969 (C-FFTO)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1969 (C-GUBE)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1977 (C-GBZY)

Robinson Helicopters:
  R-44, 2003 (C-FHSN)
  R-44, 2003 (C-FHSN) with Hughes 300

  Pélican Club, 1987 (C-GTDZ)
  Pélican Club, 1987 (C-GTDZ)