2008 Airports: Cascais, Portugal

LPCS:  N38 43 30  W9 21 18

This picture of the control tower at this otherwise nice airport illustrates very well the sad fact about general aviation airports in Portugal:  no matter how hard you try, or who you know for that matter, they will simply not let you walk on the ramp to take pictures !  Security issues they claim...  Fences and barb wires are everywhere !  Not very welcoming for kids to get interested in flying.

Here are a few pictures I managed to take through the chainlink fence:

  Astar AS-350 (CS-HFN)
    Taxiing with the R44 behind
  Astar AS-350 (CS-HFT)
  Astar AS-350 (CS-HED)
  Astar AS-350 (CS-HFO)
  Under tarps ???

Cessna - Rheims:
  C-152 (CS-AVB)
  C-152 (CS-AGO)
  C-172 (CS-DIH)
  C-182 (CS-BBS)
  C-421 Golden Eagle (G-BBUJ)

  DO-228-202K (CS-TGG)

EADS Socata:
TB-10 Tobago

  PA-38 Tomahawk (F-GCFN)
  PA-32 Lance (CS-DCS)

  R-44 Raven II (CS-HGF)

Short Bros:
  Short 360 - SD-3-60

Global express ?
Ramp near the tower with assortment of parked Cessnas
Ramp across the runway with jets, a Mooney, helicopters


Evora, Portugal - LEPV:  N38 53 00 W-7 88 00

I also tried my luck at this quiet regional airport with even less success !  There, I could not even approach the fence...

Old derelict Convair ?

View of the ramp where you can distinguish an Air Tractor, what seem to be an Ag-Cat, a Britten-Norman and an assortment of Cessnas...  A school on-site was operating Tobago TB-10 as trainers.