2005 Airports: Ile aux Coudres, Qc

CTA3  (N47 23 22 W70 23 04)

This is one of my preferred destination in summertime.  This sod & gravel airport is smack in the middle of the St-Lawrence River in the beautiful region of Baie St-Paul.  It is maintained by Mariette DesGagné who has an awesome collection of paintings she made of numerous airplanes which landed there and is always welcoming.  Definitely a place to fly to for a nice summer picnic on the grass !

   Bush Caddy  (C-IGDF)

C-140, 1946  (C-GUFM)
     Right side view
     Tied down
  C-140X, 1947  (C-FDRT)
  C-140 & C-140A  (C-GNCJ & C-FBTG)
  C-140A, 1950  (C-FBTG)
  C-150F  (C-FOOS)
  C-150L, 1973  (C-FIAU)
  C-172N, 1978  (C-GVXM)
     3/4 rear view
  C-172K, 1969  (C-GUOU)

Consolidated Aeronautics:
  Lake LA-4-200, 1974  (C-GHDO)
     3/4 rear view

Piper Aircraft:
J3 Cub
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1969  (C-FFTO)