2004 Fly-Ins: Drummondville, Qc

CSC3 - N45 50 43 W72 23 41

This is another of the nice fly-ins of the summer in Quebec.  Again, lots of variety in the planes attending and kids, young and old, can go nuts !  Drummondville is also a good example of what a regional airport should be.  Here are my pictures of some of the airplanes seen there:

   15AC, 1948 (C-GDKB)
   7AC, 1945 (C-FPRI)
   7ECA Champion, 1964 (C-FRNX)

American Aviation:
   AA-1 Yankee, 1969 (C-FBTH)
   AA-1B Cougar, 1974 (C-GODN)

   Beech 35 Bonanza, 1947 (C-FZIW)
   Beech 35 Bonanza, 1947 (C-FZIW)

   7ECA Citabria, 1978 (C-GBNQ)
   7KCAB Citabria, 1974 (C-GEJI)

   C-120, 1946 (C-FLPJ)
   C-140, 1947 (C-GODW)
   C-140A, 1950 (C-GBTG)
   C-150H, 1957 (C-GAJI)
   2 x C-150 taxiing

Commander Aircraft:
   Aero Commander 112, 1975 (C-FHML)

   Erco-G, 1950 (C-FDMF)

   J3-C65 Cub, 1946 (C-FOWC)
   PA-28-140, 1972 (C-FDIQ)

   Mooney M20-F, 1967 (C-FBFX)

Robinson Helicopters:
   Robinson R-44, 1995 (C-FXBB)
   Robinson R-44, 1998 (C-GELE)

Van's Aircraft:
   RV-6A, 1994 (C-FTUO)
   RV-6A, 1997 (C-GCST)
   RV-6, 1999 (C-GRVB)
   RV-8, 2002 (C-GERV)

Home-builts / experimental:
   Aerocruiser, 1987 (C-IDEN)
   G-Bair 6T, 2003 (C-GIGJ)
   Lair-01 on floats (C-GZLH)
   Nordic VI-A, 1989 (C-GGCV)
   Piel Emeraude, 1981 (C-GBQU)
   Rand KR-2 (C-GZFF)
   Sorenai IIL (C-GSNR)
   S-45 Mystere Mk.II (C-GGYY)
   Zenair CH-300TD, 2001 (C-FIAB)


   C-305C Birdog, 1956 (C-GHVW)
   Harvard Mk.IV, 1951 (C-FWGA)
   Harvard Mk.IV, 1951 (C-FWGA)
   Focke-Wulf FWP-149D, 1960 (C-FWOL)