2010 Museums: EAA's Airventure Museum

Everytime I go back to Oshkosh, I take time on a rainy day to return visit this fine museum.  Nowhere else can you find a beter window to the world of home building and experimental aircraft !


Here's a virtual visit of this first class museum as I walked through:

Museum's Entrance:
Christen Eagles

Pioneers of Flight Gallery:
Wright Flier Replica
Curtiss Pusher
Curtiss JN4-D Jenny
  Side view
  Rear view
Cessna CG-2 Glider

Antique & Classic Aircraft Gallery (pic):
Pitcairn PCA-2
Fokker DR-1
Sikorsky S-38B
Nieuport 11
  Tail Art
Fairchild NC-2
Fairchild FC2 W2
Spartan C3-225
Curtiss P-6E Hawk

Air Racing & Aerobatics Gallery:
Buggatti Model 100
Ryan "Spirit of St-Louis"
  Cockpit view

Harlow PJC-2
Bucker BU-133L
Laird "Super Solution"
  Side view
Boeing Super Stearman
deHavilland DHC-1B-2 Chipmunck
Pitts Friends of Curtiss-1
Church Midwing
Taylorcraft/Cole BF-50 Clipwing

Crosby CR-4
Levier W5
Chester Special Jeep
Wittman Little Bonzo
Wittman D-12

Pushy Galore
Edge 540
Loving/Wayne WR-1 "Love"

Innovations Gallery:
EAA Biplane A-1
Acro Sport P-8
Hegy "El Chuparosa"
Keech Autogyro
Pober Sport
Baby Ace D
Stits Skybaby

Stits DS-1
Van's RV-3 Prototype
Thorp T-18
Taylor Aero-Car
Rutan Herron Quickie
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair "Ham-2"
Cirrus VK-30
Monnett Moni

Innovations Gallery (cont'd):
Scale Composite's-Rutan Voyager
Rutan VariEze Prototype
Rutan VanRiggen
Scale Composite's Spaceship One
  Rear view
  With feathered tail
Lancair 200
Bede BD-5
Pietenpol Air Camper

Dick Rutan
Burt Rutan

Eagle Hangar:
North American XP-51 Prototype
  Side view
  Top view
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX
  Front view
  Side view
  Top view
North American P-65/NA-50
  Front view
  Tail view
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
  Nose Art
  Front view
Chance-Vought F4U-4 Corsair
  3/4 Rear view
Hispano-Buchon HA1112-M1L (Bf-109G):
  Tail view
  Cockpit view looking forward
    Right side
    Left side

The museum's engines collection:
Curtiss V-8
Menasco Super Buccaneer C6S-5
Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12
  Cam view
Heinkel HE-5011
Daimler-Benz 605A
  End view
General Electric I-16
Heinkel-Hirth He S 011
Leblond 5 cyl.
Conner 3 cyl.