2006 Fly-Ins: Aviation Festival, Qc

Lac-à-la-Tortue (CSL3):  N46 37 18 W72 37 49

I went back to this well organized event this summer and once again, got treated to great sights, lots of visiting airplanes and, new this year, more flight demos.  And, even the kids were having fun !

Aeronca Aircraft Corp.:
15ACx, 1949  (C-GUQU)

Beech Aircraft:
  D17-S Staggerwing, 1943  (CF-GKY)
A-45 Mentor, 1955  (C-GVLL)

Bellanca Aircraft:
7GCBCx Citabria, 1973  (C-FGDH)
7ECA Citabria, 1975  (C-GGDF)

Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Harvard Mk. IV, 1952  (C-GBQB)

  120x, 1947 on floats (C-FYWX)
    Closer front view
3 x C-140 (C-FKON, C-GNCJ & C-GGHI)
150D Commuter, 1964  (C-FRGC)
170B, 1952  (CF-FBO)

Classic Aircraft Corp.:
  Waco YMF, 1996  (C-GYMF)
  Waco YMF, 19xx  (C-????)

  415-D Ercoupe, 1947  (C-FXSC)

Evektor-Aerotechnik A.S.:
Sportstar 05, 2006  (C-IEWU)

Focke-Wulf GMBH:
FWP-149D, 1960  (C-FWOL)
    3/4 front view

Lockheed Aircraft:
  L-10A Electra, 1937  (CF-TCC)
    Nose view

Maule Aircraft:
M-4-180V Astro-Rocket, 2006  (C-FFSB)

CJ-6A, 1965  (C-GYAC)
CJ-6A, 19xx  (C-????)

North-American Aviation:
  Harvard Mk.II, 1942  (C-FRWN)

Normand Aviation:
Private Explorer, 2002  (C-FBRO)

S-45 Mystère, 2001  (C-GGYY)

  J3-C65 Cub, 1965  (C-FNHA)
  PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, 1957  (C-FDNX) 

  Custom Cruiser, 1977  (C-GUMI)
Van's RV-7, 2006  (C-FGLH)
3/4 front view

  Canadian Forces jumpers

  Flag jumper with the thunder storm cap in the background that prevented many a return home later that evening...
  Spinner puppet