2008 Museums: Hiller Aviation Museum

The Hiller Institute Aviation Museum is another nice museum in the Bay Area that is worth visiting !  If you would like a change from military aircraft, this is the place to go.  A good stop for fans of general aviation aircraft.  Above is the Rutan Long EZ.  Here are my pictures:

The main gallery:
Avitor (1869)
  Front view
Aerocycloid (1908)
Evergreene Glider
John J. Montgommery Glider
Santa Clara Glider
Wright Flyer
Wright EX Aeroplane "Vin Fiz"

Brown Racer B-2 "Miss Los Angeles"
  Nose view

Buhl Autogiro (1931)
  Engine view
Curtiss Pusher (1911)
  Engine view (OX-5 ?)
Curtiss Little Looper
  Gnome 80HP Rotary

Diamond Biplane (1911)
Engine view
Fairchild Model 22
Fairchild Model 24 C8C "Pegasus II"
  Engine cowling view
Gonzales Biplane
Monocoupe Model 70 (1928)
Thorp T-3
  Side view
Republic RC-3 SeaBee (1946 - N87482)
SoloTrek XSV
Stearman Hammond "Y" (1935)
  Nose view
Thaden T-1 fuselage
Waco 10, 1927 (NC-3807)

NASA Ames-Dryden-1 Oblique Wing
Bede BD-5  (N644SA)
Boeing Condor
  Side view
  Nose view 
Boeing 737-100 Flightdeck
  Overhead panel view
Boeing 747-100 (1971) front section
Boeing SST (1960)
  Side nose view
  Top nose view
Cessna C-177 Cardinal (N34716)
Hummingbird PG-185B Powered Glider (N68583)
Lockheed YO-3A Quiet Star
  Side view
Rutan Defiant
Arnold Michael S - AR-5 (N105AR)
Christen Eagle II (prototype)
  Side view
Pitts Special
  Nose view
Robinson R-22 (N2415C)

Hiller Helicopters:
  Hiller H-23B
  Hiller J-5
  Hiller J-10 NOTAR
  Hiller 1099
  Hiller 360
  Hiller 1031 Flying Platform
    Collective detail
  VXT-8 Coleopter
  XROE Rotorcycle (1957)
    Delivery Pod
  YH-32A "Sally Rand" Gunship

  Allison V-1710
    Valve train
  Allison Twin shaft Turbine T-40-A6
  Auxiliary Power Unit
  Continental TSOL-300 (water cooled - Condor)
  Ford Model T Conversion
  Fowler Wright Engine 30HP (1910)
  Franklin O-200
  Franklin O-335-5
  Hall-Scott A-7 100HP (1918)
    Exhaust stacks
    In restoration shop
    Ignition distributor detail
  General Electric J46-WE-8
  Kemp Engine 30HP (Gonsalez Biplane)
  Loughead (1919 S-1 Biplane)
  McCulloch (Drone)
  Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major
  Ranger SGV-770C1B
  Ranger 6-440
  Ranger 6-440C-5
  Robert 50HP Engine (1910)
  Rolls-Royce V-1650-7
    Valve train
  Rotax 582
  Velie M-5 1928 (Monocoupe)
  Warner Scarab 125HP 7 cyl. (Fairchild 24)
    On pallet
  1909 Wright Engine
  Wright 975-7 Whirlwind

  Friesley (scale model)
  Martin M-130 China Clipper (Scale model)
  Bell Rocket Belt
  Link Trainer
  Old propellers
    More props
  V wing ultralight