2009 Fly-Ins: Ile Ronde Winery, QC

Ile Ronde private strip:  N45 48 82  W73 20 93

This air meet is quite unique since it is organized by a local winery situated very near Montreal, right on the St-Laurence River !  Their wine is not bad at all and the meals served at the "castle" are quite good too.  Nice place to fly on a Sunday, here is their web site !  Their fly-in is getting quite popular as you will see in my pictures below, there was much more aircraft on-site but between the great breakfast and the winery visit, that's what I have:

  7ACx Champion, 1946  (C-FHPP)

  7KCAB Citabria, 1974  (C-GEJI)
  7ECA Citabria, 1978  (C-GBNQ)

  C-140x, 1946  (C-FKON)
  C-140, 1948
  C-150L Commuter, 1970 
  C-172E Skyhawk, 1964  (C-FUYB)
  C-172H Skyhawk, 1967  (C-FEEQ)
  C-172K, Skyhawk, 1970  (C-FESL)
  Hummelbird, 2007  (C-FJXQ)
  Zenair Tri-Z CH300, 1984  (C-GZEQ)

  PA-18-150 Supercub, 1960  (C-FVKD)

  269C, 1991  (C-FNLJ)

Parking area, with left to right:
  Van's RV-7, Bush Caddy, Nordic IV, C-172, C-172 & Van's RV-4.