2008 Airports: Lac Agile, QC

CSA2 - N45 47 31 W73 38 17

Lovely private grass strip near Montreal.  Yes, there is indeed a small creek at midpoint down the runway... :-)

View of the parking area        Runway 03 in fall
Parking area on the left side       
Runway 03 in winter


Cessna Aircraft:
  140, 1948 (CF-EEO) (pic by owner)
  140, 1948  (C-GNCJ)
    Parked for the whole winter in 2007.
  140A, 1951  (C-FJFG)  Paul's new aircraft !
  150K, 1970  (C-GAEC)
  150L, 1972  (C-GACS)

Champion Aircraft:
  7ECA Citabria, 1965  (C-FSIB)
  7ECA Citabria, 1968  (C-FWRU)

Enstrom Helicopter Corp.:
  280F, 1985  (C-GKNA)

Piper Aircraft:
  J3C-65 Cub, 1946  (C-FLEH)
    Winter is here !

Sylvaire Aircraft:
  Luscombe 8A, 1946  (C-FMJD)

  Taylormod TM01, 2005  (C-GPZG)  Yes, quite modified...
  Ready for ski ops

  Vagabon, 1974  (C-GEAN)


Here are a few shots taken by my wife while I was removing the results of a snow fall we had here in the winter of 2007:

Just starting the job                         Half done                         All done... phew !

After this, we got still more snow !  The snow was actually 1 ft. higher than the storage bin you see behind me in the third picture above !  The horinzontal stab of NCJ was completely buried under the snow.  I needed snow shoes to reach the plane and had to shovel all around it to prevent that from happening again...

Now, one last shot, of the wind sock pointing south... a little nostalgia, while waiting for spring to arrive again.