2008 Fly-Ins: Lac Agile, QC

CSA2 - N45 47 31 W73 38 17

This was my first attempt at organizing a friendly fly-in.  Luckily, I got help from my wife, Joana.  It was an official International 120-140 Association's event, but it was open to all visitors, of course.  As you will see in the pictures below, it was intimate and friendly !

Cessna 120 & 140:
  140, 1946 (C-FJAR)
    3/4 rear view
  140x, 1946 (C-FKON) arriving
    3/4 front view
  140, 1946 (C-GUIR) arriving
    Front view
    Panel view
  140, 1948 (CF-EEO)
  140, 1948 (C-GNCJ) your host
    With new watch...

  The parking area
  There was food for everybody
  Some of the guests & friends
  A very busy photographer
  More guests & friends
  Guest aircraft beginning to leave
  ... and yours truly, manning the Unicom

Other aircrafts:
  Aerocruiser, 1996 (C-IFCD)
  Aeronca 7DCx Champion, 1947 (C-GAOU)
  Cessna 150F, 1966 (C-FAZE) arriving
    Parked for the day
  Enstrpm 280F, 1985  (C-GKNA)
FWP-149D, 1960 (C-FWOL) making a high speed pass
  Jodel F-11, 1982 (C-GBVK)
  Nordic VI, 1997 (C-IFGW)
  Piper J3C-65, 1946 (C-FNHA) arriving
    3/4 front view
  Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1971 (C-GBCX)
  Taylormod TM01, 2005 (C-GPZG)