2004 Airports: Lachute, Qc

CSE4 - N45 38 22 W74 22 14

This airport is probably one of the most pilot-friendly in Quebec.  It is worth the trip with a very nice region to visit, if only for the restaurant, great for the proverbial $100 hamburger...

Pitts !  Early November '05, there was an aerobatics pilots reunion and most of the Canadian registered Pitts were on attendance !  A rare sight.

Pitts S-1S, 1993 (C-GMTD)
Pitts S-2B, 1994 (C-GNWF)
3/4 rear view


Pitts S-2B, 1990 taking off (C-GRPS)
Pitts S-1T, 1984 (C-GZRO)
Pitts S-2B, 1994 (N666VB)


2004 Pictures:

American Aviation:
  AA-5A Cheetah, 1975 (C-GVKV)
  AA-5A Cheetah, 1978 (C-GEUD)

American Consolidated:
  Lake LA-4 200, 1973 (C-FWCJ)

  B-xx Sierra (C-GTKA)

  C-140, 1947 (C-FIYF)
  C-170B, 1952 (C-GUCB)
  C-172N, 1977 (C-GSXN)
  C-172M, 1973 (C-FLNP)
  C-172M, 1976 (C-GRLY)
  C-177 Cardinal, 1968 (C-FQZW)
  C-182, 19?? (C-FKQX)
  A-185F II Skywagon, 1978 (C-GVNF)
  C-305 Birdog in flight

  Aircoupe 415-DX, 1946 (C-FPRD)

  Swift GC-1D, 1946  (C-GFDS)
  Swift GC-1D, 1946 (C-FHKV)

  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1967 (C-FWHN)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1971 (C-GBCX)
  PA-28-151 Cherokee, 1974 (C-GNGH)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee

Commander (C-GNEJ)

  SGS2-33A, 1968 (C-FACQ)

  Volmer Sportsman VJ-22, 1983 (C-GBVY)
  Volmer Sportsman VJ-22L, 1969 (C-FVAL)
  Bel-Air II+, 1999 (C-GDIS)
  Claassen 305A, 1969 (C-FTZZ)