2009 Fly-Ins: Lachute, QC

CSE4 - N45 38 22 W74 22 14

This was actually a virtual fly-in where many simulators were displayed.  Quite impressive how far some of those simmers will go in replicating what we do for real !  But of course, many fans showed up with their aircraft, thus the pictures below !

  190 Airmaster, 1947  (CF-NPT)
  305A Birdog, 1969  (C-FIMJ)
  421B Golden Eagle, 1975  (C-GADG)
  421B Golden Eagle, 1975  (C-GKOZ)

Champion Aircraft:
  Champion 7EC, 1957  (C-FKBE)

  EC-120B Colibri, 1999  (C-FGBA)

Lake Aircraft:
  Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer, 1987  (C-GJMF)

Mitsubishi Aircraft:
  MU-2B-35, 1972  (C-GUKP)

Piper Aircraft:
J3C-65 Cub, 1943 "Luckie"  (C-GRRR)
  Nose art
PA-31 Navajo, 1968  (C-GUKO)

Robinson Helicopters:
  R-44, 2006  (C-GUYQ)
  R-44, 2008  (C-GQTS)

Murphy Moose, 2007  (C-FMCT)
Mustang II, 2007  (C-FLBK)
Van's RV-7, 2006  (C-FGLH)
  Panel view