2010 Fly-Ins: Lac Labelle, Qc

N46-12.954  W74-51.239

This fly-in is done on an ice runway, on a frozen lake about 60NM north of Montreal.  I returned this year but as a passenger, having my first ride ever on skis, thanks to my good friend Martin.  As always, great ambiance, great food and many ski equipped airplanes !  And lots of friends too !

Here are the pictures of this fine Fly-In and my ride in Martin's fine Cessna 140 on skis:

The film of my ride in pictures:
Martin, preparing his 140, (CF-JAR) our ride for today
Paul, refueling his modified Taylorcraft
At the beginning of our ground run taking-off on runway 03
Arriving towards the ice runway at lac Labelle
Established on final, the runway is 3,000 ft. long !
Short final, notice we are early, not many parked a/c yet...
Martin, proud of his perfect landing, his only second fly-in !
A few of the aircraft already arrived

The people.  Yes, it is a popular venue !
This is the tent put up by the organizers, Carole Nadon & Éric Legault
Nothing like a freshly brewed capuccino in the morning !

My good friend and fellow aviation photograph, Jean-Pierre Bonin.
More people are arriving all the time...
And again,
And again
Then they start serving hot-dogs cooked on the open fire
A better view of the cooking fire.  There was cooked beans too !
Martin and I, ready to embark for the return flight
On climb out above the lake towards the north.  What a day it was !

And now, here are the pictures of the many aircraft who attended this year - Enjoy !

Sud Aviation SA-341G Gazelle, 1975  (C-GEPX)

7FC Tri-Traveller, 1964  (C-FPZQ)
7ECA Traveller, 1968  (C-FWRU)

120, 1947  (C-FMSE)
140, 1946  (C-GUOS)
C-152, 1979  (C-FIUI)
170A, 1950  (C-FGUG)
170B, 1954  (C-FZWH) taxiing in.
  Shutting down.
170B, 1952  (C-GUDI)
C-172M Skyhawk, 1975  (C-GUCH)
175 Skylark, 1958  (C-FKHU)
C-177RG Cardinal, 1971  (C-FZWP)
180 Skywagon, 1956  (C-FIQH)
180E Skywagon, 1962  (C-FNZY)
180J Skywagon, 1976  (C-GFYB)
180J Skywagon, 1976  (C-GUFP)
185A, Skywagon, 1962  (C-FNYI)
A-185E Skywagon, 1968  (C-FJDP)
A-185E Skywagon, 1972  (C-FBZP)
A-185F Skywagon, 1973  (C-FDFH)
A-185F Skywagon, 1977  (C-GMVU) The organizer's aircraft.

DHC-2 Mk.1 Beaver, 1953  (C-GBUL) with a PZL engine !
  Yes, 600HP in this baby !
  Side view

280FX Shark, 2009  (C-GHCM)

Fleet Aircraft:
Fleet 80x Canuck, 1946  (C-FDQH)

269C Model 300C, 1980  (C-GBBJ)
  3/4 rear view

M-5-210C Strata Rocket, 1974  (C-GOAZ)

PA-18S Super Cub, 1950  (C-FPLA)
PA-18S-135 Super Cub, 1953  (C-FEPE)
PA-18A-150 Super Cub, 1956  (C-FQYF)
On take-off
PA-18-150 Super Cub, 1960  (C-FVKD)
PA-18-150 Super Cub, 1978  (C-GARZ)
PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer, 1958  (C-FKZE)
PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, 1958  (C-GPUH)
PA-22-108x Tri-Pacer, 1969  (C-GPKQ)
PA-23-250 Aztec, 1973  (C-GHVG)
PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1971  (C-GBCX)

Robinson Helicopters:
R-44, 2000  (C-GOTE)
R-44, 2001  (C-GIRI)
Shutting down
R-44, 2006  (C-FOLY)
R-44 Raven II, 2006  (C-GCIH)
R-44, 2006  (C-GUYQ)
R-44, 2009  (C-GBTE)
R-44, 2009  (C-GDOE)

Earthstar Thundergull J2000, 2000  (C-IGJA)
GBAIR GBAIT-7T, 2004  (C-FALD)  C-207 with a turbine !
  Front view
Glastar, 1998  (C-FEYY)
Murphy Rebel, 1996  (C-GCPL)
Murphy Rebel, 2008  (C-FIXZ) - Corrected
Sportman 2+2, 1987  (C-GMTL)
Ultravia Pelican Club, 1987  (C-GTDZ)
Quad-City Challenger II, 2002  (C-IPRT)
TaylorMod, 2005  (C-GPZG)
Technam P92-S Echo, 2004  (C-IDKV)
Tundra, 2009  (C-FMSV)  Factory demo
Zenith CH-300, 1992  (C-FNQI)