2004 Fly-Ins: Louiseville, Qc

(CSJ4):   N46 14 46 W72 54 16

This sympathetic fly-in had the particularity of welcoming many different types of aircraft, from the Piper Navajo to the Sky-Pup with everything in between, making it very interesting !  The reception there was also exceptional !  Did not miss its famed corn roast...  It is a shame that the local cannot find the help to organize it again...

I have experimented here with many in-flight plane pictures (on very short final).  The results of this first try are yours to judge !

  7AC, 1946 On very short final  (C-GCQV)
  7DC(X), 1947 (C-GAOU)
     On very short final

7GCBCX Citabria, 1973 (C-FGDH)
     On very short final

  C-120, 1947 (C-FQWC)
     On short final
  C-120, 1947 (C-FFVG)
     On very short final
  C-140, 1946 (C-GGHI)
  C-140, 1946 (C-GUIR)
  C-140A, 1950 (C-FBTG)
     On very short final
  C-150F, 1966 (C-FAZE)
  C-150H, 1967 (C-GAJI)
  C-172H, 1967 (C-FEEQ)
  C-172M, 1975 (C-GAXD)
  C-172N, 1978 (C-GYBD)
  C-172 Cutlass RG, 1981 (C-GCVK)

  PA-15 Vagabon, 1946 (C-FEPQ)
     On very short final
  PA-20(x) Pacer, 1950 (C-FSEU)
     On very short final
  PA-22-108 Tri-Pacer
  PA-28-140 (Cherokee), 1973 (C-GAOM)
     On very short final (C-GAOM)
  PA-28-151 (Cherokee), 1976 (C-GVGV)
  PA-28R-201T (Turbo-Arrow), 1977 (C-GCIW)
  PA-31 Navajo
    On very short final

  S-45 Mystère, 2001 (C-GGYY)

  Biplan on very short final
  Cosy, 1999  (C-GESK)
     On very short final
  Golf Caddy, 2003  (C-FMCQ)
     On very short final
  Piel Diamant CP605, 1977  (C-GUMM)
     On short final
  Van's RV-4, 1984  (C-GESU)
  Van's RV-4, 1998  (C-GBVV)
  Van's RV-6, 2003  (C-GGRS)
  Van's RV-6A, 1991 & 1994  (C-GARA & C-FTUO)
  Wag-Aero Sport Trainer, 2001  (C-FQQV)
     On very short final

  Aerocruiser 1989 on floats (C-IBZK)
  Aviasud Mistral, 1986 (C-IHRL)
     On short final
  Mignet Balerit HM1000, 1995 (C-IARU)
  Beaver RX-550, 1987  (C-IAQC)
??? Beaver ?
  Chinook +2, 2000  (C-IGOJ)
  Earthstar Thundergull J2000  (C-IGJA)
  Nordic II, 1987  (C-IJMF)
     On very short final
  Nordic VII/A, 1994(C-FSVJ)
  Nordic VI, 1997 (C-IFGW)
     On short final 
  Pegazair 100, 1997  (C-FYMD)
     On very short final
  ??? Pegazair ?
  Ultravia Le Pelican, 1983 (C-IEAO)
  Zenair CH-25, 1980 (C-GDJV)
  Zenair CH-701, 1999  (C-GDGK)