2004 Fly-Ins: Maniwaki, Qc

CYMW:  N46 16 22 W75 59 26

The SOPFEU fleet based there (forest fire patrol).

A quiet airport hidden in the mountains, north of Montreal.  Here, forest and lakes are the unchallenged masters !  The airport also serves as home base for a squadron of forest patrol aircraft and water bombers of the SOPFEU, the government forest fire combat agency.

Those pictures were taken at a mini fly-in organized by the local pilots.

 CL-215 #231
 CL-215 #231
 CL-215 #231 (different scale...)
 CL-215 cockpit #231
 CL-215 top panel #231
 CL-215 engine #230
 CL-215 maintenance #230

 C-170A, 1953  (C-FYRT)

 SR-22  (C-FLAS)

Lake Aircraft:
   LA-4, 1968  (C-FFGV)

Cdn Car & Foundry:
  Harvard Mk.IV (C-GBQB)