2003 Airports: Mascouche, Qc

CSK3:   N45 43 07 - W73 35 53

Runway 29 on short final... 

This is where I trained and parked my C-140 for almost all the time I've owned it except for one year where I was at Lac Agile.  Mascouche is the non-towered airport that has the most aircraft movements of all the province of Quebec, where I finally made my dream come true ! 

Here are pictures of some of the numerous aircrafts based there !

  Aeronca Chief 11AC, 1946 (C-FOUW)

  A-24R Sierra (C-????)
  C-23 Musketeer, 1978 (C-GOVE)
  D-18s Twin Beach, 1946 (C-FAMH)
     Low pass
     Initial climb

  D-18S Twin Beech, 1952 (C-FSEB)

95-B55 Baron, 1966 (C-GKJS)
Initial climb

  C-120, 1946  (C-FLPJ)
     Panel view

  C-140, 1948 (C-FWNR)
  C-150H, 1967  (C-GAJI)
  C-150F Commuter, 1965 (C-FSXI)
  C-150L Commuter, 1972 (C-GPER)
  A-150L Aerobat, 1973 (C-FFIW)
  C-150M Commuter, 1976 (C-GFDO)
  C-170B, 1952 (C-GUKY)
     Panel view
  C-172C Skyhawk, 1961 (C-FNUT)
  C-172G + C-150J (C-FSSI + (C-GBFQ)
  C-172K Skyhawk, 1970 (C-FESL) pic by owner
  C-172K Skyhawk, 1970 (C-GBQW)
  C-172M Skyhawk II, 1973 (C-GGJK)
  C-172M Skyhawk II, 1973 (C-GUJO)
  R-172K Hawk XP-II, 1978 (C-GVQZ)
  C-172S, 1999 (C-GETQ)
     Panel view
  C-175 Skylark, 1958 (C-FKHU)
  C-182A Skylane, 1958 (C-FDUE)
  A-185E Skywagon, 1965 (C-FUGX)
  A-185E Skywagon, 1971 (C-FBIR)
  A-185F Skywagon, 1977 (C-GZHD)
  A-185F Skywagon, 1981 (C-FCNT)
  C-208 Caravan, 2005 (C-FNQB)
     On take-off
     On initial climb    

C-310J, 1965  (C-FBJK)
     3/4 rear view

DHC-2 Beaver, 1956 (C-GJRN)
Tail logo

  LA-4 Buccaneer, 1968 (C-FFGV)
     Rear view

 M20-C, 1962 (C-GGZV)
 M20-J, 1977 (N201MZ)
 M20-M Encore, 1991 (C-GDKS)

  PA-23-250 Aztec, 1969 (C-FBBD)
  PA-28-140, 1967 (C-FWSR)
  PA-28-140, 1969 (C-FFTO)
     Precision landing
  PA-28-140, 1969 (C-FYLI)
  PA-28-140, 1972 (C-FIHS)
  PA-28-140, 1973 (C-GAOO)
  PA-28-140, 1973 (C-FGJG)
  PA-28-140 (C-????)
  PA-28-161 Warrior, 1983 (C-GBDB)
Warrior (C-G??Q)
  PA-28-181 Archer, 1978 (C-GPQK)
  PA-31-350 Navajo, 1976 (C-GULM)
  PA-32RT-300T Turbo-Lance, 1978 (C-FBWH)

  R-22 beta, 1989 (C-GJZH)
     Different paint scheme

  Eider 115, 2001 (C-GGAB)
  Glastar, 1998 (C-GSED)
  Piel CP-328 Super Émeraude, 1999 (C-GEEN)
  Wag-Aero Vagabon, 1974 (C-GEAN)
  Zenith CH-200, 1978 (C-GVQI)
  Zenith CH-250, 1994 (C-FRSH)