My ex-Cessna 140

February 24th, 2001: my good friend Pierre took me out for a winter flight on skis !  This was my first flight in NCJ since selling it.  Flight conditions were perfect.  Even if I was flying right seat and did not touch the controls, it was an awesome experience anyway.  A BIG thank you Pierre !!!

Here's a picture of me in front of NCJ, parked on the Lac Blanc in the Mauricie region of Quebec, in front of the inn where we had a nice and warm Canadian pea soup !  What an awesome day that was.  Click here for a close-up on my smile, you will understand it all !!!

October the 5th, 2010:  it's done, MY AIRCRAFT IS SOLD !  After 6 years of ownership, the decision was taken and I found a great buyer that will take good care of the plane.  It is actually my best friend and future partner in the dreamed 170B that bought it !!! 

He will be learning his trade on NCJ, buiding up experience and hours until we are ready to go for the 170B.  I know she will take good care of him, as she did of me.  A true win-win situation for both of us I have to say.  NCJ will be staying in the neighbourhood and will be well taken care of by someone I trust.  GREAT !

So, this page remains the historical account of my buying and flying one of the best little plane, the famous Cessna 140.  I will miss her but at the same time, I can't wait to start looking for our future 170B.  We'll talk about planes again later.  Stay tuned !

PS:  Some generous readers have graciously sent me emails and pictures about really nice 170s for sale.  I appreciate the gesture, but since it will be a while before we are ready to really start looking, save the effort and please do not continue to do so.  I will let everybody know here when we are finally ready to proceed with this phase of the project...

Thank you !

Yes !  On January 10, 2004 I finally purchased my very own airplane, a nice Cessna 140 fabricated in 1948 (s/n 14630), registered C-GNCJ (ex-NC2390V).  A true classic !

Picture by Eric Dumigan

NCJ is fitted with a 85 HP Continental C-85-12 engine and many Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for both modernization and safety improvements.  Here is the list of those STCs and options:

- Metcoair metalized wings
- Scott 3200 tailwheel
- McCauley IB-90 CM71-44 propeller (climb pitch)
- Cessna 150 exhaust
- Cessna 150 adjustable seats
- 60A.- 12Vcc. alternator
- Precision Airmotive 10-4240-1F carburetor
- TAF spin-on cartridge oil filter
- Brakett air filter
- CHT / EGT gauge
- Aero Fabricators 4 point safety harness
- Canadian Airmotive E-01 ELT (121,5 Mhz)
- Narco AT-50A Mode C transponder & encoder
- Bendix-King KY96A-TSO VHF radio
Flightcomm 403mc Intercom
- ClassicAeroProducts Yoke mount PTT
Garmin GPSMap 196
Airtex headliner & anti-glare
- Whellen Strobe light
- Desser Aero Classic tires
- Federal 1500 Skis

To learn everything you always wanted to know about the Cessna 120-140, THE reference is the International 120-140 Association's web site !  Click here to visit it and become a member !

VIDEOS of C-GNCJ:  (in MS MediaPlayer Format)

  • Click here to view a short video of me flying C-GNCJ near Montreal !
  • Click here to view a short video of me landing on a frozen lake at the 2007 Lac Williams Fly-In in Quebec !

Here's the story of living my dream, in pictures:

At the purchase:

After some personalizing:

2004 flying season:

2004 - A dream come true:  Oshkosh !!!

2005 flying season:

2006 flying season: 

Aerials - These pictures were taken by friends with whom I fly formation from time to time:
  • Pic #1: Taken by Patrick Cloutier at my first solo cross-country, right after my tailwheel endorsement.
  • Pic #2: Taken by Daniel Gravel during an early morning flight to the Eastern Townships.
  • Pic #3:  Taken by Mélanie Dubé during a beautiful sunset, coming back from Three-Rivers with Daniel Gravel.
  • Pic #4:  Taken by Daniel Gravel - 12 o'clock high

  • Pic #5:  Taken by Mélanie Dubé  - In formation with Marcel Deschamps's beautiful Stearman on our way to the Carp Fly-in.
  • Pic #6:  Taken by Daniel Gravel during the same flight, sepia finished for nostalgia.
  • Pic #7:  Patrick joining formation
  • Pic #8:  Break right !
  • Pic #9:  Near lachute
  • Pic #10:  Another beautiful sunset by Mélanie

June 06 - The new headliner:  The cabin ceiling used to be covered with vinyl on the wing roots and painted aluminum on the ceiling and the baggage compartment.  Not bad, but far from original.  After carefully reviewing Lorraine Morris great instructional video, I tackled the job of returning the cabin to its original finish with the precious help of my wife, Joana.  Look at the results:

July 2006 - Back to Oshkosh the magnificient !

2007 flying season:

May 07 - A new yoke mount PTT from ClassicAeroProducts and a long needed engine compartment cleanup:

July 07 - Cool birthday present !

This model is a true masterpiece, fabricated from resin and has many metal components.  It can be ordered custom painted with the same color scheme as your own 120-140-140A or just with one of the original Cessna paint scheme for your model-year.

For more information and pricing, contact Mr. W.J. Kinsman at Classic & Antique Aircraft Model Molding Co.

T: 800-468-9727 

Don't forget to tell him your heard about it from me !

Aerials - More in-flight pictures taken by my good friend Daniel:
  • Pic #1:  Back lit by the sun, in flight
  • Pic #2:  In formation with Pierre in his C-150
  • Pic #3:  In formation with Pierre again

Winter 07-08:  My first winter without flying:

This winter, after freezing for 3 previous seasons for not so much flying, I decided to try not flying for the whole season.  Well... it just happens this is the most snow we ever got around Montreal !!!

Joana, for who it's the first "real winter" is seriously doubting we will ever see the grass again !  hehehe.

Judge by yourself with the following pictures taken on March 8th 2008:

Well, perhaps I should have bought skis after all !  Something to consider for next year...  Stay tuned !

August 2008:  Pictures by Jean-Pierre Bonin at the Classic Air Rallye in Rockcliffe, On.

October 2008:  A new GPS bracket & a new strobe light

There is always some minor improvements to be made when you own a classic aircraft.  Here are a few pictures of the latest ones I have made:

December 2008:  A new winter flying season

My Northern Companion Engine Pre-Heater:

2009 Flying Season:

2010 Flying Season:
New tires !  One more improvement on NCJ.  Before putting it on sale, I decided to change the tires for the famous Desser Aero Classic ones.  They have the same thread as the tires that were originally installed by Cessna in the late forties.  Enhances NCJ's classic look while handling better on grass !

December 2010 Winter Flying:

My good friend Pierre, the new caretaker of NCJ has bought a set of Federal 1500 skis and is preparing for the winter season fun !  This is somethning I wanted to do but never did... Have fun Pierre !

I will post more pictures of NCJ on skis later this winter...

Here are Pierre's pictures of the skis installation: