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  Follow the crazy adventure of a bunch of my friends, mounting an expedition in the Quebec far-north to recuperate and restore a Lockheed 18 Lodestar that crashed back in 1960 and bring it back to flying status.

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- Various Sites:

Aircraft Performance Database
Air Mail Pioneers
Aircraft Records
Air Side TV (web cams)
Air Show Fan
Aviation Earth
Aviation4you (job search)
Aviation Humor (books)
B.C. Air Originals (can airplanes)
Bush Flying
Canada's Air Force Snowbirds
Canadian Aviation Web
Cessna 170 Page
Cyber Quebec Aviation
DHC-2 Beaver Page
DHC-3 Otter Page

Discovery Wings Channel
Dryden Research Aircraft Movie Collection

F. E. Potts'
Flight Deck
Flightline UK (Videos)
Globe Swift Quebec
The Hangar
How Things Fly
Just Planes
Lacombe's Hangar
Mini Jets
NASA World Wind (awsome !)
Northern Lights Combat Air Support
On the Top Aviation
Popular Aviation
Rare Aviation
The Aviators (TV Show)

Aviation art:
Hélène Girard