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Aeronca Aviators Club
Fearless Aeronca Aviators (F-AA)
National Aeronca Association
Beech Aero Club
T-34 Association
Twin Beech 18 Society
Bellanca-Champion Club
American Bonanza Society
Twin Bonanza Association
Bücker Club
International Bird Dog Association
Cessna 150/152 Club
Cessna Flyer Organization
Cessna Pilots Association
Cessna Owner Organization
Cessna T-50 "The Flying Bobcats"
Int'l Cessna 120-140 Assoc.

Int'l Cessna 170 Association
Int'l Cessna 180/185 Club
Int'l Cessna 195 Club
Corben Club
Culver Club
Ercoupe Owners Club
Fairchild Club
Fairchild Fan Club
Int'l Fleet Club
Funk Aircraft Owners Association
Great Lakes Club
American Yankee Association
Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association
Hatz Biplane Association
Interstate Club
Lake Amphibian Flyers Club
Continental Luscombe Association
Luscombe Foundation
Luscombe Association

The Luscombe Endowment Inc.
Meyers Aircraft Owners Association
Monocoupe Club
Western Association of Mooney Mites
American Navion Society
Navion Skies
North American Trainer Association
OX-5 Aviation Pioneers
Parrakeet Pilot Club
Brodhead Pietenpol Association
Int'l Pietenpol Association
Cub Club
Int'l Comanche Society
Piper Apache Club
Piper Aviation Museum Foundation
Piper Flyer Association
Piper Owner Society
Short Wing Piper Club

Super Cub Organization
Rearwind Club
Int'l Ryan Club
1-26 Association (Schweizer)
Stearman Restorers Association
Stinson Historical & Restoration Society
Int'l Stinson Club
Sentinel Owners & Pilots Association (Stinson L-5)
Swift Museum Foundation
Taylorcraft Fundation
Virginia/Carolinas Taylorcraft Owner's Club
Travel Air, div. of Beechcraft Heritage Museum
Travel Air Restorers Association
American Waco Club
National Waco Club
Western Waco Club
Waco Historical Society
WWI Aeroplanes