2004 Fly-Ins: My first Airventure Oshkosh !

KOSH:  N43 59 06  W88 33 42

This is THE airshow !  It was a very old dream of mine to attend one day.  I did it, and flying solo in my own plane !  Awesome !

The gang from Quebec with our friend from Ontario (with the red shirt) enjoying the arrivals of GA aircraft
by the runway at North-40. - Picture by Daniel Fortin

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  Preparing for departure
  Warming up after our first stop
  Our campsite at North-40
  Camping under the wing

Aerial view of the campsite
     (Picture by Daniel Gravel)
  Early morning
(Picture by Daniel Gravel)
  Your host, with Bob Hoover !!!

Airshow performers:
  Bruce Bohannon

     Bohannon B-1, 1999
  Chuck Yeager
  Debbie Gary
     Debbie's Marchetti F260D
  The late Jim Franklin's Waco UPF-7
  Patty Wagstaff
     Patty on her Extra-300S
  Sean D. Tucker
Sean's Pitts S-2 Special

  Acro Beech-18
  Bonanzas massive arrival
  More Bonanzas
  C45-H, 1959 (N447DM)
  D17-S Staggerwing, 1944 (NC929OH)
     Nose view
     3/4 rear view
  F17-D Staggerwing, 1938 (NC18781)
  2000 Starship, 1994 (N514RS Burt Rutan's)
     3/4 rear view

C-140, 1946 (N72513)
  C-120, 1947 (N1829V)
  C-120, 1947 (N2460N)
  C-140, 1947 (N1752V)
     Polished rudder
  C-140, 1948 (NC2194V)
C-140, 1948 (C-GNCJ)
     Camping under the wing

  C-140 & C-140A
  C-140A, 1950 (C
C-140A, 1950  (N????)
  C-140A, 1950
  C-170B, 1952 (N52WJ)
  C-170B, 1955 (N3467D)

  C-195 landing

C-210D, 1963 (N3721Y)

  DC-3 Nose art (Blue Bonnet Belle)
  DC-3 & C-47
  FAA's DC-3C (N34)
     3/4 rear view
  Turbo DC-3

  Side view

  DGA1 (NC18207)
  DGA Cowlings

  DGA-15P (NC663H)

  Tri-Motor 4A-TB, 1927 (NC1077)
     Side view
     Taking off
  Tri-Motor 4A-TE, 1929 (NC8407)

  Tri-motors tails

Lake Aircraft:
  LA-4-200, 1974 (C-GOCQ)
  LA-4-200, 1984 (C-FIJU)

  8A, 1949 (N2132B)
  11A, 1948 (NC1666B)
     3/4 rear view
  New-Luscombe 2004 (N11XA)

  L-12A, 1940 (NC25628)

  Constellation Super G (N6937C)
     Nose view
     Signature triple tail

Murphy Aircraft:
  Moose SR-3500 (N350SR)
  Rebel on floats (C-GJAC)

  J3-65, 1941 (NC37946)

  J4-A, 1940 (NC27857)

  S-38B (NC6V)
  S-38B (NC28V)
     3/4 rear view
  S-38B Engine

Van's Aircraft:
  RV-10 arrival with Mr. VanGrunsven !
  RV-10, 2004 (N410RV)
  RV-10, 2004 Panel (N129RV)

  UEC, 1932 (NC12471)

  YKS-7, 1940 (N20853)
  YMF, 1987 (NC14081)
     Rear view
  YMF-F5C (N519HJ)

  ZVN-8 (N1937S)

  Aerocomp 7SLX (N657TT)
  Bird Cory (N241ST)

  Bushmaster 2000 (NC7501V)
     Side view
  Curtiss Pitts

  Dauvenberg Monocub (N37PD)
  Diamond DA-40 (N480JP)
  Funkist 1 (N6002E)
  Hatz LB-1 (N24859)
  Javelin Jet
  Kassutt M-1-II (N53014)
  Lancair IV-P, 2000 (N488SD)
  Linco Biplan
  Maule MX-7-180B (N10329)
  Nardi FN-333 (N993DM)
  Percival EP-9 (N747JC)
  Questair-20, 1997 (N94Y)
  Quickie et Velocity
  Sea-Bee in ground configuration
  Sherpa (N705A)
  Spartan Executive 7W, 1938 (N17616)
     View from the front
  Spartan Executive
  Storm Century (C-FBAU)
  Sukkoi (N88DB)
  Taperwing T-10 (NX98TW)
  Temco Swift GC1B, 1946 (N80791)
Wet spinner
  The future is here !

  Hoshkosh famed Beetles

Fond-du-Lac Seabase:
  Paronamic view of the seabase
  Anchoring area
  Anchoring area

  Anchoring area
  Anchoring area
  Anchoring area
  Champion Scout 8GCBC, 1999 (N403AC)

  C-120, 1946 on floats (N89794)
     Fueling at the dock
  A-185 taxiing out
  C-208 Caravan, 1992 on floats (N88TW)
  C-208 Caravan, 2004 on floats (N208LB)
     Taxiing out
  DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2 Mk.1 (N922DD)


  Piper J3-65 Cubs
on floats
     More J3s

  Piper PA-18-150 Supercub, 1970 (N8521Y)
  PA-18 Super-Cub taxiing in
  Republic SeaBee landing
     Second SeaBee landing
     SeaBees taxiing in
Stinson 108 on floats