2006 Fly-Ins: My second Airventure Oshkosh !

KOSH:  N43 59 06  W88 33 42

I went back !  Second trip to the famed airshow... and lots of pictures to show !  This time I went with my wife Joana... what a good time we had !

The 2006 APBQ's Flight to Oshkosh gang, from left to right:
Daniel, Mélanie, the late François, Joana, myself, Marc & Pierre.

7AC, 1946  (NC83760)

Aviat Aircraft:
A-1B Husky, 2005  (N52SL) taxiing
Side view
In flight
A-1B Husky, 2006  (N47EA) taxiing
In flight

  Twinbeech, 19??  (N??)

  C-120, 1946  (N89978)
  C-120, 1946  (N76952)
  C-120, 1946  (N1812N
  C-120, 1947  (N2648N)
  C-170, 1948  (N4252V)
  C-170B, 1952  (C-GPHY)
  C-170B, 1953  (C-GOXF)
  C-175 Skylark, 1959  (N6575E)
  C-180 Skywagon, 1953  (N2857A)
  C-182P Skylane, 1973  (C-GWAQ)
  A-185E Skywagon, 1968  (C-FWOT)
  A-185E Skywagon, 1969  (N1924U)
  C-190, 1948  (N3765G)
  C-195A, 1952  (N1524D)
  C-195 row

DHC-2 Beaver Mk.?, 19??  (N??)
DHC-2 Beaver Mk.?, 19??  (N??)

Diamond Aircraft:
  Twin Star, 2006  (D-GERM)
Nose view
3/4 rear view

  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
  DC-3, 19?? (N??)
    Main gear
    Underside during thunderstorm

  DGA-15P, 1940  (NC22424)
    Taking off
  DGA-15P, 1944  (NC9471H & NC36259)

  4-AT-B Tri-Motor, 1927  (NC1077)
    Front view

  4-AT-E Tri-motor, 1929  (NC8407)
    Side view

    In flight

  HA-420 HondaJet VLJ, 2003  (N420HA)
3/4 rear view
Engine pod

L-12A Electra Jr., 1937  (NC18137)
L-12A Electra Jr., 193?  (N??)

Murphy Aircraft:
Super Rebel on amphibs

  UC-64A Norseman, 1944  (N78691)

J5C, 1943  (N7JS)
Malibu, 19??  (G-EUDR)

Scale Composites:
Spaceship One
Front underview

Van's Aircraft:
  RV-6A Landing
  RV-8, 2002  (N88XT) Amazing paintwork !
    Nose view
    Tail view
    Engine cowling detail

  Busiest tower in the world with my friend Pierre
  Grumman G-21A Goose, 1943  (N600ZE)
  Patty Waggstaff's Electra 300  (N68PW)
Private jet on take-off
  Seawind, 1998  (C-GSFG)

Standard biplane taxiing
Stinson 108, 1946  (N412)
  Taylorcraft BL-65, 1940  (N26680)
  Taylorcraft BC12-D, 1946  (N96519)

  Cabin Waco
  QCF-2, 1931  (NC11457)
    Side view

Fond-du-Lac Seabase:
  Amphibious ?
  Artic S1B-2, 1983  (N176AZ)
  Biplane homebuilt

  Gannet, 2005  (N234SG)
  Highlander, 200?  (N912E)
  Highlander, 200?  (N??)
  Lake ??, 19??  (N??)
  Murphy Rebel painted in Coast Guard colors
  Murphy Moose, 19??  (N??)

Piper J3C-65, 1945  (NC33587)
Piper J3C-65, 1946  (N98761)
Pair of Cubs
Piper PA-12, 1946  (N412SC)
  Republic SeaBee, 19??  (N????)
  Republic SeaBee RC-3, 1947  (N6386K)