2010 Museums: EAA's Pioneer Airport

WS17 - N43-59-21 W88-34-42

Everytime I go back to Oshkosh, I take time to return visit this oasis of fresh air and nostalgia.  Airports like they used to be: wooden hangars, grass runway, golden age aircrafts, what's not to like ???

Seen from inside EAA's Museum - Both a must see if you ever go to Oshkosh...  Click here !

Here's a virtual visit of each hangar as I walked through them:

Pioneer Airport Hangar (pic):
Aeronca C2-N Deluxe Scout, 1933  (NC13089)
  C3 Master, 1936  (N16291)
  K, 1937  (
LC, 1937  (NC17484)
Mignet Pou du ciel   (N43993)
Meadowlark WM-1, 1964 (NC15W)
Rider/Elmendorf R-5 "Jackrabbitt" 1936  (NX264Y)

Wittman Hangar (pic):
Wittman Witts V, 1970  (N3259)
Wittman Tailwind W-8C, 1953  (N5747N)
Wittman Buttercup W, 1938  (N18268)
Wittman Hardly Abelson

Pietenpol Hangar (pic):
Racer #7
Pietenpol (N75330)
Piper J2
Swallow OX-5, 1927  (N4028)
  Side view
Taylor E-2 Cub, 1935  (N15045)
Standard J-1, 1917  (N6948)
Rearwind 6000M Speedster, 1938  (N20741)
Waco 10 (ATO) Taperwing, 1928  (NC5814)
Waco RNF, 1930  (NC140Y)
Waco ARE, 1939  (NC20953)
Monocoupe 110 Special, 1949  (N15E)

Pietenpol Hangar (cont'd):
Fairchild KR-21, 1931  (NC954V)
Fairchild 24, Model C8, 1933  (NC13191)
Fairchild 24H Deluxe, 1937  (NC16902)
Meyers OTW-145, 1944  (N34357)
Waco UEC, 1932  (NC12472)
Bucker BU133 Jungmeister, 1967  (N258H)
Great Lakes 2T-1A, 1931  (N77RF)
Curtiss-Wright Model B-2 Robin, 1929  (N50H)
??? Biplan
Ercoupe 415-C, 1941  (NC28961)
deHavilland D.H.82C Tiger Moth  (N667EA)

Pitcairn Hangar:
Ryan SCW-145, 1937  (NC17372)
Funk B, 1940  (NC24116)
Pitcairn Autogyro PA-39, 1941
Ryan NYP (NX211)
  Nose view
Spartan Exec 7W "Mrs Mennen", 1937  (NC13993)
  Nose view
Ford Flivver - 268
Driggers 1-A, 1930  (N891H)

North American B-25H Mitchell, 1943  (N10V)
Bell 47G-2, 1956  (N2490B)
Goodyear Blimp
Lincoln PT-K, 1930  (N275N)