2008 Air Shows - Quebec City: Warbirds

CYQB - N46 47 38 W71 23 38

This airshow is very well attended and that year featured for the first time, 4 military aerobatic squadrons competing for the crowd's admiration !  Here are my pictures of the warbirds in attendance taken at this fine event:

CH-149 Cormoran Canadian Forces SAR
  Rear 3/4 view

B-52H Stratofortress
  3/4 Rear view
  Nose art
CC-177 Globemaster III
  Front view
PT-17 Stearman

CT-142 Flying class room

FG-1D Corsair (V.W. of C.)
  Side view

Hawker-Hunter F-58A

CC-130 Hercules
CP-140 Aurora

F-16C Fighting Falcon

CF-18 Hornet
CF-18 Hornet
F/A-18F Super Hornet

F5-N (Agressor)
F5-N (Agressor)

North American:
Mustang Mk. IV (V.W. of C.)

CH-124 Sea King

For the 400th anniversary of the city of Quebec,
4 Military Aerobatic Teams at the same time !

The Canadian Forces Snow Birds,  The RAF Red Arrows, The US Air Force Thunderbirds & the US Navy Blue Angels !

The Canadian Forces Snow Birds:
CT-114 Tutor
Canada Goose
Double inverted pass
Double Diamond
7 plane line abreast break
9 plane line abreast

The RAF Red Arrows:
BAE Systems Hawk T1
Show entrance, smoke on !
Viggen formation
Downward break
3 ship head-on break
Big arrow w/no.1 break
Head-on big break
5 ship pass
5 ship line abreast turn

The US Air Force Thunderbirds:
F-16C/D Fighting Falcon (Block 52)
1 ship on afterburner
4 ship staggered formation
Diamond formation
4 ship slow pass
Upright/inverted pass

The US Navy Blue Angels:
Boeing F/A-18
In a tight Diamond formation
Diamond formation, center stage
Two, line abreast
Four, in echelon
Slow flight, echelon
Scramble !
Break !