2008 Fly-Ins - Rockliffe: Classic Air Rallye

CYRO - N45 27 37 W75 38 46

This event is held every year now, at the Canada Aviation Museum on the Rockliffe Airport, in Ottawa, Ontario.  I was invited once again to static display my aircraft !  Pilots are very well treated by the organizers there.  A big thank you to Michel Côté for a great day !  Have a look at their web site.

Here are my pictures of aircraft that attended the event, just like me:

 - General Aviation:

Aeronca Aircraft:
  7AC Champ, 1946  (C-FVMB)

  D-17S Staggerwing, 1943  (CF-GKY)

Bellanca Aircraft Corp.:
  Bellanca 14-13-2 Cruisair, 1947 (C-FGGX)
  Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria, 1973 (C-FHHW)

Cessna Aircraft:
  120, 1947  (C-FQWC)
    Taxiing out
  140, 1947 (C-FIDP)
  190, 1947 (C-FNPT)
  421B Golden Eagle, 1972 (C-GEGH)

Champion Aircraft Corp.:
  Champion 7FC, 1957 (CF-KBG)

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp.:
  Stinson V-77 Gullwing, 1943 (CF-CAJ)
    Engine cowling

  Stinson 108-1X Voyager, 1946 (C-FCOC)
  Stinson 108-1 Voyager, 1946 (C-GVXP)

Casa Aircraft:
  CN-212-200 Aviocar, 1983 (N497CA)
    In flight

deHavilland Aircraft:
  DHC-2 Mk.1 Beaver, 1965 (C-GXPM)

Fleet Manufacturing Co.:
  Fleet 80X Canuck, 1946 (C-FDPY)

Globe Aircraft Corp.:
GC-1B Swift, 1946 (CF-GDS)
  GC-1B Swift, 1946 (C-FHKV)

Grumman Aircraft Corp.:
  G-44A Widgeon, 1946 (N402E)

Lockheed Aircraft Corp.:
  L-10A Electra, 1937 (CF-TCC)
    Side view

Pilatus Aircraft:
  PC-12/45, 1999 (C-GFLA)
    Side view

Piper Aircraft Corp.:
PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer, 1958 (C-GPUH)

Taylorcraft Aviation:
  BC12-D Sportsman, 1946 (C-FPRE)

Waco Aircraft Co.:
  Waco UPF-7, 1940 (CF-LEF)
  Being pushed on the taxiway

  Christavia, Mk.1, 2004 (C-GZUO)
  Glasair IIS, 1992 (C-FMTV)
Pietenpol Aircamper GN-1, 1982 (C-GFCU)
  Steen Skybolt, 1994 (C-FSOJ)
  Van's RV-7, 2006 (C-FGLH)


- The Warbirds:


Boeing Aircraft Co.:
  A75 Stearman, 1941 "GE912" (CF-UWM)
  A75N1 Stearman, 1941 (CF-APG)
  E75 Stearman, 1943 "Li'l Miss Tern" (N54JH)
    Nose art
    Side view

Canadian Car & Foundry Co.:
  Harvard Mk.4, 1952 "20451" (CF-ROA)

Commonwealth Aircraft Co.:
  AC-1 Wirraway, 1952 (N42BT)
    Side view

deHavilland Canada:
  D.H. 82 Tiger Moth, 1942 "8869" (CF-DHQ)

DHC-1B-2-S3 Chipmunk, 1951 "18017" (C-FCYR)
DHC-1B-2-S5 Chipmunk, 1956 "18054" (C-FBNM)

Douglas Aircraft Co.:
  DC-3, 1935 "Canucks Unlimited"

Focke-Wulf G.M.B.H. Bremen:
  FWP-149D, 1960 (C-FWOL)

  FG-1D Corsair, 1945 "KD658" (C-GVWC)
    Side view
    In Flight
    With its wings folded

Hawker Aircraft:
  Hurricane Mk. IV, 1942 "KZ321" (CF-TPM)
  Hawker Mk-20 Sea Fury, 1957  (C-FGAT)
    Nose view
    Side view
    Rear view

Nanchang, PROC:
Nanchang CJ6A, 1965 (C-GYAC)
  Nanchang CJ6A, 1965 (C-FXMI)

  Mustang Mk. IV, 1944 "KH661 - CY-2" (CF-VPM)
    Side view

Raytheon Aircraft:
  CT-156 Harvard II "156125"

Ryan Aircraft Co.:
  Ryan PT-22, 1942 "909" (N53146)

  Spitfire Mk.XVI, 1945 "SL721"  (C-GVZB)
    Front view