2008 Airports: Sonoma, CA

0Q3:  N38 13 23 W122 26 52

This nice & quiet airport right in the wine country of Northern California hides, I was told, many surprises !  Here are a few pictures of some of these surprises I took on my visit there:

Beech B35, 1950 (N5007C)
Boeing Stearman (Navy paint scheme)
Boeing Stearman (Red)
Cessna 172A, 1960 (N9874T)
Cessna 172C, 1961 (N8390X)
Cessna 182G, 1970 (N3197S)
Cessna 195B, 1952 (N3010B)
  Panel view

Curtiss P-40
Globe Swift
Lockheed PV-2, 1944  (N-LPV2)
Side view
Luscombe 8A, 1946 (N1562K)
Luscombe 8A, 1948 (NC-2041B)
Nieuport Replica

North-American AT6-C, 1956 (N7078C)
  Rear-cockpit view
Piper PA-16 Clipper, 1949 (N5707H)
Piper PA-18
Republic RC-3 SeaBee, 1947 (N6748K)
Special T, 2004 (N24450)
Old radial engine