2007 Airports: St-Hyacinthe, QC

CSU3 - N45 36 18 W73 00 51             

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This regional airport is located south of Montreal and has the peculiarity of having an artificial pond next to the runway for seaplane operations.

This is where I did most of my training for the conversion to tail-wheel in my C-140.  This is also where my maintenance base is located, Ray-Air Maintenance.  I now have many friends there and often fly there for a quick bite (great restaurant) and cheap 100LL !

May 2007:  Took some pictures of transient aircraft on a breakfast flight.  Was also told that the airport now sports an acro practice box between 2000 and 4000 ft.  That explains the aerobatic aircrafts pics below and the annual competition held there since last year !

  11BC, 1947 on floats (C-GUCM)
  11BC, 1947 on floats (C-FKOY)

  Aviat Pitts S-2B, 1994  (C-GNWF)
  Christen Eagle II, 1996  (C-FTIN)
  Team Rocket F-1, 2002  (C-GCRP)

  95-B55 Twin, 1966  (C-GKJS)

  C-150-G, 1966 tailwheel  (C-FUTU)
  C-172M, 1973  (C-FEUY)
  A-185E, 1970 on floats  (C-FAUD)

  DHC-2 Mk.1 Beaver, 1959 on floats (C-FLLX)
  DHC-3 Otter, 1954 on wheels  (C-GFUT)

  Midget Mustang, 2004  (C-FCKM)
  Colvert, 1997  (C-FZXT)
  Javelin Bushmaster, 2000  (C-GFKZ)
  Nordic VI, 1989  (C-GGCV)
  Tecnam P92-S Echo, 2004  (C-IDKV)
  Ultravia Pelican Club GS, 2000  (C-IGCG)

  J3C-65 Cub, 1946  (C-FNHA)
  PA-28-140 Cherokee, 1972  (C-FIHS)
  PA-31 Navajo, 1968  (C-FNAV)

2006 Pictures:

  Champion 7DCx, 1947 (C-GAOU)
Climbing out

  C-150D, 1964 (C-FRNA)
  C-170B, 1952 (C-GUKY)
  C-175 Skylark, 1958  (C-FNYB)
  A-185E, 1966 on floats (C-FUQL)
      Taxiing in the pond
      Parked on the ground
  A-185F, 1974 (C-GTNC) with
  A-185F, 1973 (C-FFYK)

de Havilland:
  DHC-2 Mk.1 Beaver, 1952 (C-GNKR)
  DHC-3 Otter, 1954 (C-GFUT)
  DHC-3 Otter, 195? (C-FXGA)

Murphy Aircaft:
  Rebel on Full-Lotus (C-IHAV)

  PA28-140, 1977 (C-GQGV)

  108-2, 1948 (C-FITB)

CH-601 HDS Super Zodiac, 1999  (C-GFBZ)

  My nephew Karl at the controls
  Hugo, a friend with his C-150