2003 Airports: St-Jovite, Qc

CSZ3 - N46 09 15 W74 35 01

For a long time I wanted to land at this picturesque airport with its grass runway.  For a while, this airport was not visited by anyone since the owners were charging a ridiculously high landing fee !  Since they recently have revised their policy and now charge much more decent landing fees (although one wonders why charge at all since services to passing pilots are non-existent...), I could not resist putting my wheels on their grass strip at least once !

Natural setting, beautiful and wide grass strip, and a few airplanes parked on the site.

  C-150H, 1968  (C-FXAB)
  C-150G, 1967 tailwheel  (C-GUQO)
  C-172M, 1975  (C-GBKQ)
  C-172N, Ram 172  (C-GYNL)
  R-172K, 1977  (C-FHYY)

PA-28R-200 Arrow II  (C-FTCA)

My sweet Joana, near C-GQDH I had rented.