2008 Museums: Vintage Wings of Canada

CYND:  N45 31 17 W75 33 51

Once again this year, I responded to the invitation of Mr. Potter's team in September and attended his well run Vintage Wings of Canada Open House Day.  Again, a well attended day and a nice extra this year:  Hamilton's own Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum aircrafts joined the event to practice for the next day's Battle of Britain Fly-past at the National Aviation Museum !  Aircraft from the Russell Aviation Group were also attending as well as some from the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team.  A rare sight indeed, as you will be able to see below...

  - Vintage Wings of Canada aircrafts:


  D-17S Staggerwing, 1943  (CF-GKY)

  F86-E Sabre 5, 1954  (
Rear View

Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Harvard Mk. IV, 1952  "20451" (CF-ROA)

  D.H. 83 Fox Moth, 1932  (CF-YPM)
  DHC-2 Beaver, 1947  (C-GXPM)

  Swordfish Mk. III, 1942 "HS554" (C-GEVS)

  FG-1D Corsair, 1945 "KD658" (C-GVWC)
    Side view

Hawker Aircraft:
  Hurricane Mk. IV, 1942 "KZ321" (CF-TPM)
    Taxiing near the Lancaster
    Front view on runnup

  Mustang Mk. IV, 1944 "KH661 - CY-2" (CF-VPM)
    Side view

  Spitfire Mk.XVI, 1945 "SL721"  (C-GVZB)
    Front view on runnup

  Lysander IIIA, 1942  (CF-VZZ)

  Taperwing A.T.O., 1929  (C-FBPM)

  Lancaster Mark X  "VR-A"
  Victory Flight morning practice
  Victory flight with the Lancaster


- Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's aircrafts:


Lancaster Mark X "VR-A"
  Overflying the field on arrival
  Closer, abeam the field
  Taxiing to the ramp
  Taxiing to the ramp - 2
  Rear view
  Parked with 2 x Spitfires
  Rear gun turret
  Engine start with the Hurricane

Consolidated Aircraft:
PBY-5A Canso "Mary Kay" arriving at airport
  On landing roll-out
  On taxiway
  Parking on ramp
  Side view of the cockpi
t area



- The Russell Aviation Group aircrafts:


Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Hurricane, Mk. XII, 1942 "US-X - P2970"  (C-FDNL)
  Tail view
  3/4 rear view of cockpit area
  At engine start


  Spitfire Mk.9, 1944 "L-SH - K912"  (C-FFLC)
    Front view

    Side view


- Canadian Harvard Aerobatic team:


Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Harvard IV, 1952  "20382"  (C-FVIJ)
  Side view

North American Aircraft:
  Harvard II, 1941  "53 - 3222" (C-FMKA)


Harvards "039", "KH-918" & "53-3222" on the ramp

- Invited General Aviation aircrafts & Warbirds:


American Aviation:
AA-5 Traveler, 1973  (C-GJAH)

  7GCBC Citabria, 1972  (CF-HHW)

Beech Aircraft Corp.:
  Beech 95-B55 Baron, 1977  (C-GCFC)

  140, 1948  (C-GNCJ)
  140s row of tails

  206H Stationair, 2001  (C-GITI)
  T-182T Turbo Skylane, 2007  (C-GMXT)
  T-182T Turbo Skylane, 2007  (C-GPTK)
  T-210N Turbo Centurion, 1979  (C-FPPP)
  P-210N Centurion, 1978  (C-FFWD)

Globe Aircraft:
  Swift GC-1B, 1946  (CF-GDS)
  Swift GC-1B, 1948  (C-GLYN)

  Christen-Eagle II, 1982  (C-GEZZ)
  Davis DA-2A, 1978  (C-GJOY)
  Pegazair 100, 1999  (C-GFFD)
  SeaRey-80, 1995  (C-FVMU)

Maule Aircraft Co.:
  M4-210C Rocket, 1967  (C-FVOJ)

  J3C-65 Cub, 1946  (CF-OWC)
    On the taxiway
  PA-12 Super Cruiser, 1947  (C-FAOQ)
  PA-22-150 Tri Pacer, 1956  (C-GXIM)

Pdps Pzl-Bielsko:
  Pezetel SZD-50-3, 1998  (C-GCBB)

Pitts Aerobatics:
  Pitts SC-1T, 1984  (C-GZRO)

Stinson Aircraft Co.:
  Stinson 108, 1946  (CF-HPR)

  BF1265, 1941  (C-GPVT)

Waco Aircraft Co.:
  Waco UPF-7, 1940  (CF-LEF)
    Rear 3/4 view

Visiting warbirds:
  Antonov AN-2P, 1990  (C-GFBR)
    Rear view
  Boeing E-75 Stearman, 1943  (N54JH)

  CAC AC-1 Wirraway, 1952 (N42BT)
    Rear view
    Front view

  Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet Model A, 1981  (C-GQTA)
    Side view
  DHC-1B-2-S5 Chipmunk, 1956  (C-FBXG)
Focke-Wulf FWP-149D, 1960  (C-FWOL)
  Hawker Mk-20 Sea Fury, 1957  (C-FGAT)
Nanchang CJ6A, 1989  (
  North American NA-64 Yale, 1940
  Ryan Navion, 1948  (C-GWIY)
  Ryan PT-22, 1942 "909" (N53146)
    Taxiing on arrival
    Front side view
    Engine view
Slepcev Storch MK. 4 Replica  (C-FHAZ)