2010 Fly-Ins: Vintage Wings of Canada

CYND:  N45 31 17 W75 33 51

Vintage Wings' beautiful Waco Taperwing taxiing upon landing.

Once again this year I was invited to attend Mr. Potter's Open House Day & Fly-In at Vintage Wings of Canada flying museum in July.  I could not say no, of course !  Here are the pictures I took on this fine aviation day:

Advance Aircraft Co.:
  Waco Taperwing A.T.O., 1929  (CF-BPM)
    In flight
Taxiing on the runway
    Flying formation with the Fleet Finch
    Closer view of the formation

  L39C Albatros "Heart Surge", 1981  (NX-828BJ)
    Tail art detail

Aviat Inc.:
Pitts S2-B, 1996  (C-GTPS)

Beech Aircraft Co.:
  D17 Staggerwing, 1943  (CF-GKY)
    Side view
  TC45G Expeditor, 1951  (N7826L)

Bellanca Aircraft:
  8KCAB Citabria, 1973  (C-GIYS)

Bell Helicopter:
  206B Jet Ranger, 1969  (C-FDOC)

Boeing Aircraft:
  Stearman, 19xx  (Nxxxx)

Commonwealth Aircraft Corp.:
  AC-1 Wirraway, 1952 (N42BT)

Canadair Ltd:
  F-86E Sabre 5 'Hawk One', 1954  (C-GSBR)
    Pilot doing his pre-flight
    On take-off, wheels out
    Hi-spped pass in a right bank
    Inverted in the middle of a roll
    Slow "dirty" pass (in landing configuration)

Canadian Car & Foundry:
  Harvard '20461', 1952  (CF-ROA)
    In flight, inverted

Cessna Aircraft:
  120, 1947  (CF-QWC)
  140, 1946  (CF-LET)
    Rear view
  140, 1948  (C-GNCJ)
    View of the panel layout
  150K, 1970  (C-GAEC)
  182J Skylane, 1966  (C-FAXJ)

Curtiss-Wright Corp.:
  P40N-1CU Kittyhawk 'HS-B', 1943  (CF-VWC)

deHavilland Canada:
  DH-82C Tiger Moth '4947', 1941  (CF-ANN)
  DHC-2 Beaver, Mk.1, 1953  (C-GBUL)

  DHC-2 Beaver, Mk.1, 1956  (C-FFZM)
  DHC-2 Beaver, Mk.1, 1965  (C-GXPM)

Fairchild Aircraft Co.:
  PT-26B Cornell, 19xx  (N???)

Fairy Aviation Co.:
  Swordfish Mk.III 'HS554', 1942  (C-GEVS)

Fleet Manufacturing:
  16B Finch II, 1936  (N162B)
    Taxiing out
    During take-off
    Taxiing back to ramp

Globe Aircraft Co.:
  GC-1B Swift, 1946  (CF-RGS)
  GC-1B Swift, 1946  (CF-HKV)
  GC-1B Swift, 1948  (C-GLYN)

Goodyear Aircraft Co.:
  FG-1D Corsair 'X-115', 1945  (C-GVWC)
  Flying, on a slight right bank
  In a high speed pass, turning right from ahead
  Inverted, in the middle of a roll
  Slow "dirty" pass (in landing configuration)
Taxiing while folding the wings

Hawker Aircraft:
  Hurricane Mk.IV 'JV-N - KZ321', 1943  (CF-TPM)
    Side view
    Front view

  Bushcaddy R80, 2001 on amphibious floats (C-GHSU)
  Jodel F-11, 1969  (C-FSIC)
  Velocity XL RG, 2006  (C-GHOL)

National Steel Car Corp.:
  Westland Lysander III '416', 1942  (CF-VZZ)
  Taxiing to the runway (rear view)
  In flight, in a right bank
  In flight, straight & level
  Taxiing back to the ramp

North American:
  P-51D Mustang 'C-Y2'. 1944  (CF-VPM)
    Side view
    Engine close-up

Piper Aircraft:
PA-16 Clipper, 1950  (C-FRUS)
  PA-22-160 Pacer, 1958  (C-GPUH)

Ryan Aeronautical Co.:
  PT-22 Recruit '909', 1942  (N53146)

Socata Aircraft:
  TBM-700, 2005  (C-GPQB)

Stinson Aircraft:
  108-1 Voyager 165, 1946  (C-GVXP)

Van's Aircraft:
  RV-8, 1999  (C-FEEM)
  RV-8, 2004  (C-GURV)

Vickers Supermarine:
Spitfire Mk. XVI 'SL-721', 1945  (C-GVZB)

The museum's engines:
  Allison V-2710 V-12
  Allison crank shaft
  Rolls-Royce Merlin 133 V-12 cut-away engine
Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12

And, the highlight of the show:  the Canadian Forces Snowbirds:
  Big Diamond Formation
  Closer view of the Big Diamond
  Concord Formation
  Inverted Big Diamond in the top of a loop
  Inverted Big Delta in the top of a loop
  Double Diamond
  5 Plane Line Abreast coming out of a loop
  Expanding formation in a dive
  Feather Formation
  9 Plane Line Abreast
Solos 1 & 2 Head-on cross-over