2007 Fly-Ins: Vintage Wings of Canada's Open House

CYND:  N45 31 17 W75 33 51


Mr. Potter is the owner if Vintage Wings of Canada flying museum and organizes many open house events during the summer at his base of the Gatineau Airport.  I was supposed to attend a few times with my classic C-140 but weather & professional activities prevented me to do so.

I finally made it to the last event of the year and here are the pictures of general aviation aircraft I took during this really nice event:

Aviat Inc.:
Pitts S2-B, 1994  (C-GNWF)
Pitts S2-B, 1996  (C-GTPS)

Bellanca Aircraft:
8KCAB Decathlon, 1973  (C-GIYS)

Cessna Aircraft:
  150K, 1970  (C-GAEC)
  172, 1956  (C-FNLU)
  172N Skyhawk, 1979  (C-GBGZ)

180H Skywagon, 1965  (C-FSNI)

Fleet Manufacturing:
  80x Canuck, 1946  (C-FDPY)
  80 Canuck, 1946  (C-FDPZ)

Luscombe Airplane:
  8A Sylvaire, 1946  (C-FYSH)

Piper Aircraft:
J3C-65 Cub, 1946  (C-FOWC)
PA-16 Clipper, 1950  (C-FRUS)
PA-17 Vagabon, 1948  (C-FUKP)
PA-22-150 Pacer, 1958  (C-FKLW)

Summa Corporation:
  Hughes 269C, 1981  (C-FPHG)

  LeVitation 4, 2001  (C-GJUY)
  Mustang II, 1972  (C-FZPR)
  S-45 Mystere, 2001  (C-GGYY)
  Van's RV-4, 1985  (C-GDBH)
  Van's RV-4, 1991  (C-GRVM)
  Van's RV-7, 2006  (C-FGLH)